Frequently Asked Questions

Dining Dollars are food dollars attached to all Meal Plan options. One Dining Dollar is equal to one dollar of buying power. Dining Dollars attached to meal plans do not carry over to the next academic semester. Additional Dining Dollars purchased carry over from fall to spring semester, but are forfeited at the end of the spring semester. Additional Dining Dollars can be added anytime during the semester. You may find out how many Dining Dollars you have remaining from the cashier at any point of sale or by logging in to Campus Services and clicking the Meal Plan & Mountain Cat Cash Balances button.

Special vegetarian entrees are provided in the Student Union Dining Hall at every meal. We are willing to adapt to any special dietary needs, provided a signed physician’s description of the student’s dietary needs is submitted to the Pitt-Johnstown Health Services Office.

Just ask any cashier at the point of sale before they begin your sale. You may also see your balances on Campus Services

Is there a dish you would like to see more of on the menu? Provide us feedback either through comment cards in the dining halls or on the free Bite App! The more postive feedback we see for a dish increases its frequency on the menus.

Meal plans expire the last day of the academic semester at the end of meal services. Meal plans do not roll over to the next semester which makes choosing the right meal plan so important!

We love guests! You may bring a guest to any meal in dining hall. You may pay for someone else by using a guest swipe, cash or credit card. Regular swipes can only be used by the person to whom the meal plan is assigned. This is punishable by suspension of meal plan per University Meal Plan Agreement.

If you need a meal to go, simply fill out this form and return it to any manager or supervisor in the dining locations prior to the day the meal is requested. This is a great alternative for nursing and education students that spend a lot of time off campus. You may also purchase a reusable to go box for an additional meal swipe or $5 in each dining hall. For more info about to go boxes, see the sustainability page.

Of course! Eating in the dining hall is a great way to mingle with students by being a part of their normal day to day life outside of the classroom. Faculty and Staff can also purchase Mountain Cat Cash from the business office as a convenient way to dine. Also ask about the faculty and staff discount if you are paying out of pocket!